About us

About Us

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your needs. Our agency was founded by Jeff Markovic who entered the insurance business in 1983. Our people have as much as 35 years experience in insurance. You can rely on our advice as we strive to give the kind of service that makes you happy enough to want to refer us to others. We are an independent agency providing Property and Casualty insurance for both Personal and Business needs, as well as Life and Health insurance coverage for Individuals or Businesses. We, as an independent agency, don’t work with any single insurance company, we work for you. This allows us to search multiple carriers to find you the best combination of coverage and price.

Why Choose Pillar?


Whether you’re in need of personal insurance or protection for your business, Pillar Insurance can provide you with a full range of options. As an independent agency, we can help you make an educated choice about different companies, coverages, and prices.

No Extra Cost

Many people assume having an agent is expensive. In fact, having the assistance of an independent agent doesn’t change what you pay for your coverage. Agents are compensated by the insurance companies to help you choose, understand, and navigate your plan.

Our Reputation

Our independent agents know how to navigate the daunting world of different companies and coverages. Some of our agents have been in the industry for more than 35 years, meaning we have the experience and reputation that has earned our clients’ trust.

Why Independent?

Your BEST Insurance Policy will be found with an Independent Agent. We are an independent agency representing many top National and Regional insurance companies. Through selective strategic partnerships and direct company relationships, we bring you access to dozens of fine insurance companies. As an Independent Agent:

– We do not work for any one company. We work for you to bring the best match of coverage and price for your needs.

– We search the market using the internet and comparative rating software for look for the best value for your needs.

– We keep our agency up to date with what happens in the industry because we aren’t focus on what one company is doing.

– We maintain records using the most up to date management system that allows real-time access to most of our carriers. This allows us to up or download changes and process items “real time.”

– We educate our people to remain up to date and competitive so that you can trust that we will give professional advice and counsel.

– We are committed to the proposition that there is more to buying and selling an insurance policy than price alone. We look to value in serving your needs and will not compromise what you truly need to just sell you a policy.

– We are Independent for good reason: It allows us to better serve your needs by searching multiple companies to find what you need. You’ll experience convenience. You can stop by our office, pick up the phone, fax or e-mail us with your changes, requests or questions.

– Not only that, you’ll have the convenience of one-stop shopping. If your auto and home insurance is with one company and your business insurance through another, your life or health insurance with another, you can contact us for service on all your insurance accounts.

Please let us address all of your insurance needs, help you evaluate those needs and assist you in finding to best combination of pricing, coverage and service as well.